Surveillance Checklist Prior To Shift Start

Although there are numerous cameras on casino properties that monitor everywhere monetary transactions are being conducted, ground security is also important. They must work in conjunction with the surveillance operators to ensure no criminal acts are being committed.

Such acts include:

  • Stealing
  • Collusion
  • Cheating
  • Harassment

Each of these acts occurs daily at any given casino. Fortunately, surveillance operators follow a strict checklist before the start of their shift within the surveillance room to ensure all guidelines are met and procedures are followed.

The most important checks include:

  • Review the daily shift report
  • Shift briefing
  • Check all cameras
  • Ensure cameras are recording
  • Check for news alerts

The daily shift report is a report generated by surveillance operators outlining what exactly occurred on the casino floor during the previous shift. This tells the operators if they need to focus on a specific individual, group, or area of the room. Reviewing the daily shift report is also helpful to ensure it’s up-to-date. Reports that are a day or two old rarely assist operators a few days later.

Checking the shift briefing log, allows the replacement operators to ascertain any new information or orders so they are prepared for the upcoming shift. Examining all cameras is a vital aspect of their pre-shift checklist. This ensures that all cameras are on, working, focused correctly, positioned in the correct area of the casino and there are no obstructions. This allows them to have a full view of the floor and can instantly focus on a specific location if needed.

Also, surveillance operators need to ensure all cameras are recording in case of a crime. The cameras provide valuable evidence against a criminal. Finally, surveillance operators always check for news alerts. These are usually provided by local law enforcement officials or other casinos. New alerts help protect casino patrons from dangerous criminals that may enter the casino property. They help the casinos identify any cheats or thieves that may be out to rob the establishment.

Casino surveillance is one of the most important departments of the business. They provide safety and security to the patrons, protect the casino against thieves and cheaters and make the casino an enjoyable hassle-free experience. Technology has also greatly assisted casino surveillance and security by offering around-the-clock monitoring. This in conjunction with a watchful eye keeps casino properties safe and tourist-friendly.